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Princess Nail Lounge is now offering custom press on sets. They can be any shape, length and style that you choose. You can choose to have them picked up or shipped to you directly. We will also offer services to have your fingers fitted for your custom press on set and to have them applied to your finger once your press ons are fitted. We ask for a 48 hour turn around time. If they need to be rushed an additional fee will be added as well. Press on sets will also need to be paid in full to be completed. The base price will be for 1 plain color, square shaped, short length.

Options Include


-Short (+$0)

-Medium (+$5)

-Medium Long (+$10)

-Long (+$15)

-Extra Long (+$20)


-Square (+$0)

-Oval (+$5)

-Coffin (+$5)

-Almond (+$5)

-Stilletto (+$10)

-Lipstick (+$10)

-Flare (+$10)


-Basic (color only) (+$0)

-Hand Painted Design (+$20)

-Foil Only (+$15)

-Embellishments (gems, foil, stickers, etc.) (+$25)

Pick Your Combination Below!

Press On Sets

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